HDPE spiral pipes

The PEHD spiral pipe system complies with PN EN 13476-2 type A “Plastic pipe systems for underground non-pressure drainage and sewerage”.

Application of HDPE spiral pipes includes:
– Non-pressurized rainwater sewage system in municipal construction
– Non-pressurized storm water drainage in road engineering
– Melioration
– Culverts and drainage
– Wire and cable covers
– Technological installations

Advantages of ZINPLAST structured pipes:
– Spiral PEHD pipe has smooth inner surface and a wide stiffness from SN 2 .. SN 16 in accordance with EN ISO 9969
– Abrasion resistant
– Resistance to biological and chemical factors
– Low weight
– Easy assembly and connection using various technologie (extrusion welding and socket connection).
– Wide operating temperature range (-40 ° C to + 80 ° C)

Spiral HDPE pipes manufactured by Zinplast got a number of opinions and recommendations issued by leading Polish certification laboratories and scientific institutes, confirming the possibility of their use for the construction of gravitational sewerage and for the construction of culverts (Building Research Institute, Central Mining Institute, Research Institute for Road and Bridges).

rura spiralnie zwijane typ b

The PEHD spiral pipe system complies with PN EN 13476-3 type “B”

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The PEHD spiral pipe system complies with PN EN 13476-2 type „A”

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