PE100 butt fittings (segmented)

Segment fittings are used to connect polyethylene pipelines in a wide range of both SDR values ​​(SDR11, SDR17) as well as diameters (from ø 20 mm up to ø 630 mm). Zinplast segment fittings are made using welding technology of HDPE PE100 pipe elements in accordance to the PN-EN 12201-3 standard. They are intended for butt connection with a pipeline (welding technology),or they can be prepared for connection with steel flanges. In the case of segment fittings, attention should be paid to pipeline working pressure drops due to the need to use pressure-reducing factors. ZINPLAST offer includes tees, elbows and segmental bends of various angles, as well as reducing and flanged segment t-pieces. In addition, we can also make segment fittings according to individual customer requirements, with unusual diameters and angles.

PE100 butt segment fittings got some opinions and certificates issued by leading international certification bodies and scientific institutes, confirming the possibility of their use in the construction of pipelines.