Pipeline connection systems

Pipelines made of pipes manufactured by Zinplast can be connected in various ways, in particular depending on the used technology and type of pipe:

A. pressure pipes can be connected using welding technology and flange connections. In the first case, the worker have to have the necessary permissions to weld HDPE pipes. In the second case (flange connection), the pipes are sold with sleeves at each end of the pipe and additionally there are two steel flanges on each end of pipe (type depending on the size of the operating pressures).

B. spiral pipes can be connected using three pipeline connection technologies including:
– socket connections, in which one pipe ends have a socket, used as a connecting element with subsequent sections of the pipe. Socket connections are tight and can be made very easily.
– sleeve connections, in which the element connecting the two pipelines is made from heat-shrinkable material and such a connection requires a gas burner (it is used at the construction site). Sleeve connections are tight and dueto use burners on the construction site, they require proper training for the contractor’s employees.
– welded joints are alawys made at the construction site. Welding of pipelines can be ordered in Zinplast, whose employees have the right to weld pipelines issued by the Welding Institute from Gliwice. Welded joints are tight and due to the need to use extruders on the construction site, they require proper training for the contractor’s employees (certificate for plastic welding).

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Pipe connections – socket system

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Pipeline connections – flange system

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