HDPE pressure pipes

HDPE pressure pipes are designed for the construction of water supply networks, for the transport of drinking water, gas pipelines, networks for the transport of sewage and other substances. HDPE pressure pipes are manufactured according to PN EN 12201-2 + ​​A1 2013-12 standards (water, sewage and other utilities) and PN EN 1555-2: 2012 (pressure pipes for gas transport). Depending on the density of HDPE raw material used, we produce three classes of ZINPLAST pipes: PE80 (1.25 MPa) used for irrigation installations and for water and sewage transport, PE100, PE100 RC used for gas, water and sewage transport. In addition, HDPE pressure pipes manufactured by Zinplast have also been used for the hydrotransport of loose materials, such as soil, sand, stone or ash.

Advantages of HDPE pressure pipes:

excellent flexibility
resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage (different SDR values ​​depending on the wall thickness of the pipe and the class of raw material PE100 or PE80 used)
high impact strength
fast and cheap connections (butt welding, electrofusion welding) resistance to external factors (occurring in soil and a wide range of operating temperatures -40 ° C to + 80 ° C))
physiological inertness (HDPE material does not introduce pollution into the environment) low weight of pipes

PE100 RC polyethylene pipes made in accordance with allow the use of more economical technologies during laying pipes in the ground (PE100RC raw material “Resistant to Crack” allows pipes to be laid in native soil without the use of backfilling as well as for the construction and renovation of networks using methods traditional and trenchless).

HDPE pressure pipes manufactured by Zinplast got a number of opinions and certificates issued by leading international certification bodies and scientific institutes, confirming the possibility of their use in the construction water, gas and sewage installations (National Institute of Public Health, Oil and Gas Institute, Building Research Institute, Central Mining Institute, Road and Bridge Research Institute).

rury pe100rc dwuwarstwowe typ2

Double layer PE100RC pipes for gas type 2

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rury polietylenowe

Polyethylene pipes for water and pressure sewage systems

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rury_pe100rc jednowarstwowe typ1

Single-layer PE100RC pipes, type 1, for water and sewage systems

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rury pe100rc dwuwarstwowe typ2

Double-layer PE100RC pipes, type 2

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rury pe 100 do gazu

Single layer PE100RC gas pipes type 1

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