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Pipe connections – socket system

Pipe socket connection system - used for connecting sewage pipelines made from spiral pipes or for smooth pipelines for water and sewage systems (non-pressure connections).

Construction of the connection: Socket connections have the shape of a sleeve made from HDPE and have an internal diameter larger than the external diameter of the connected pipe. On one side, the socket is fixed to the pipe using extrusion welding. The tightness of the socket connection is ensured using a rubber gasket, adjacent to the connected pipe.
Application:Socket connections are used for connection of smooth pipes (diameters DN90 ... 630) or for spiral pipes having diameters from DN300 ... DN2000.
Color:Outer and inner layer - black, rubber gasket - black
Dimensions:Diameter DN 300 ... 2000 mm, the width of the socket connection will be between 0.2 and 0.7 meters (depending on the diameter of the pipe).
Packaging:Usually the sockets are mounted either on a smooth or SPIRO pipe (it is possible to make double socket, sold as independent products).
NoInner diameter of the pipe
ApplicationWidth [m]
190Smooth pipes
2110Smooth pipes
3125Smooth pipes
4140Smooth pipes
5160Smooth pipes
6180Smooth pipes
7200Smooth pipes
8225Smooth pipes
9250Smooth pipes
10300 Spiral or smooth pipes0,24
11315Smooth pipes
12350Spiral or smooth pipes0,24
13400Spiral or smooth pipes 0,31
14450Spiral pipes
15500Spiral pipes0,32
16600Spiral pipes032
17630Smooth pipes
18700Spiral pipes0,4
19800Spiral pipes0,4
20900Spiral pipes0,4
211000Spiral pipes0,4
221050Spiral pipes0,4
231200Spiral pipes0,4
241400Spiral pipes0,4
251500Spiral pipes0,5
261600Spiral pipes0,5
271800Spiral pipes0,6
282000Spiral pipes0,6