ZINPLAST wells are made from polyethylene and are characterized by very high abrasion resistance, flexibility and high mechanical strength. The top of the well can be made with a polyethylene plate or an inlet (produced using rotational molding technology). ZINPLAST wells are made in accordance with PN-EN 13598-2 and additionally have National Technical Assessments issued by Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (ITB-KOT-2019/1177). Zinplast wells are intended for use in external gravity sewage systems located in a road lane, roadway or outside of roadway. Zinplast wells are tight and because of this are not exposed to the negative impact of rainwater and groundwater. Zinplast wells are resistant to sewage and most of the chemicals found in the soil, and at the same time do not release any hazardous substances into the environment. The advantages of ZINPLAST wells include: – low weight – easy and quick assembly – can be used in the road lane – could be equipped with non-standard equipment like connections, gullies, loads, etc., – perfect tightness – durability – corrosion resistance – wide range of chemical resistance – long service life A particularly important advantage of using polyethylene sewage wells is ease of transport and assembly (mainly due to the low weight). At the same time, during assembly work workers do not need the use of heavy construction equipment. Depending on the technology used to make and use the well, they can be divided into the following groups: flat bottom wells, water meter wells, manhole wells and special wells The production technology, dimensions and equipment are agreed with the client each time.