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Hydro-Zin pipe system

Hydro Zin polyethylene pipes are designed for pressure transport of solids through a liquid stream

Construction of the pipeSmooth single-layer pipe finished with a steel flange sleeve
Application:Polyethylene pipes designed for pressure transport of solids particles using a liquid stream
Product Standard:FACTORY STANDARD ZN-12 ZINPLAST-001 / H
Dimensions:Diameter from Ø 90 up to Ø 400mm; SDR 21 up SDR 9
Statistical classification of the product:PKWiU 25.21-21-53-10
Packaging:Straight sections from Ø90 up to Ø400 each 12m long It is possible to produce other lengths in case of customer's request
Documents:National Declaration of Performance No. PE / HYDRO-ZIN
Dimension 1Diameter from Ø 016 u to Ø 630; SDR 41 up to SDR 7,4