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Pipeline connections – flange system

Flange pipeline connection system - used for connecting pressure pipelines for water, sewage or other liquid media.

Construction of the connection: Flange connections consist of two steel flanges put on sleeves welded to the ends of two pipes. The tightness of the connection is obtained by tightening the sleeves together with steel screws (tightening steel flanges).
Application:Flange connections are used for connection of smooth pipes (diameter DN90 ... 630) or for spiral pipes having diameter DN300 ... DN2000.
Color:Sleeve - black, steel flange - silver
Dimensions:Diameter from DN90 up to 630 mm, PN10 or PN16
Packaging:Sold as mounted on the HDPE pipes or as separate components (steel flange, sleeve) . In second case required welding to the pipes on site.
L.p. Średnica łączonej rury
Ciśnienie robocze
150PN10, PN16
263PN10, PN16
375PN10, PN16
490PN10, PN16
5110PN10, PN16
6125PN10, PN16
7140PN10, PN16
8160PN10, PN16
9180PN10, PN16
10200 PN10, PN16
11225PN10, PN16
12250PN10, PN16
13280PN10, PN16
14315PN10, PN16
15355PN10, PN16
16400PN10, PN16
17450PN10, PN16
18500PN10, PN16
19560PN10, PN16
20630PN10, PN16