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Polyethylene pipes for water and pressure sewage systems

PE80 and PE100 polyethylene pipes are intended for construction of water and sewage system (under pressure).

Construction of the pipe:Single-layer smooth pipe
Application:Polyethylene pipes intended for water supply and pressure sewage system
Color:Black, black with blue stripes or blue
Product Standard:PN EN 12201-2+Al 2013-12
Material:High density polyethylene: РЕ80, PEl00
Dimensions:Diameter from Ø16 up to Ø630 mm; SDR 41 ... SDR 7,4
Statistical classification of the product:PKWiU 25.21-21-53-10
Packaging:Coils Ø20 - 400m; Ø25 - 300m; Ø32 - 200m; Ø40 - 150m; Ø50 - 100m; Ø63 - 100m; In straight sections diameter from Ø90 to Ø630, each 12m long, It is possible to produce other lengths, in case of customer's request
Documents:National Declaration of Performance No. PE / WK Technical opinion GIG No. 217С / 12 INIG Certificate of Conformity No. 5/17 Hygienic Certificate No. HK / W / 0689/01/2014
Diameter / length
D [mm] / L [m]
SDR - 13.6 PN10
thickness of the wall
s [mm]
SDR - 11 PN12.5
thickness of the wall
s [mm]