1. Investment:. Sosnowiec. Construction of collector rain fi1000 with sewage manholes. Scope of supply: HDPE spiral wound pipe ZINPLAST Ø1000 - 618 m, HDPE sewage manholes Ø1500 ZINPLAST - 25pcs. 

2. Investment: Wojkowice. Construction of collector rain Ø800 and Ø600 sewage manholes
Scope of supply: HDPE spiral wound pipe ZINPLAST Ø800 - 1277 m Ø600 - 107m, HDPE sewage manholes ZINPLAST Ø1200 - 35 pcs, Ø1000 - 11 pcs.

3. Investment: Puławy. Construction of the internal drainage and sewerage installation in the nitrogen area. Scope of supply: HDPE sewage manholes ZINPLAST Ø600-6pcs, Ø800 – 2pcs., Ø1000 – 24pcs., Ø1200-28pcs, Ø1500-9pcs. 

4. Investment: Jaworzno. Construction and reconstruction of water supply.
Scope of supply: HDPE sewage manhole ZINPLAST Ø600-220 psc, Ø1000-900psc, Ø1500-3 psc., Ø110 PE, PE segment fittings.

5. Investment: Kazimierza Wielka. Construction of sewage system in the town and in the area of Kazimierza Wielka. The scope of supply by Zinplast: HDPE sewege manholes in quantity Ø1000 - 300pcs. 

6. Investment: Belchatów. Renovation of sewage concrete manholes.
Scope of supply: Renovation manholes Ø1000 and Ø800 920m - 30m made of HDPE ZINPLAST spiral wound pipe, and reduction cones- 350 pcs

7. Investment Krakow. Construction of reservoirs battery tanks at building training-service KARCHER Company
Scope of supply: 5 tanks made of HDPE spiral wound pipes ZINPLAST Ø800 delivered to the construction of the monolith in 18 m.

8. Investment: Chęciny. Construction of reservoirs battery tanks.
Scope of supply: 3 tanks about internal diameter. 1,2 m and a length 30 m each, made of HDPE ZINPLAST spiral wound pipes Ø1200 delivered to the construction in lengths 15 m and installed on the place by the Zinplast service gorupe.

9. Investment: Zabrze. Construction drainage and sewerage.
Scope of supply: spiral wound pipes and fittings, HDPE ZINPLASTØ 600 - 912 m, HDPE ZINPLAST sewage manholes Ø1200 - 22 pcs, Ø1000 -520 pcs.

10. Investment Bogatynia: Construction collector rain Ø800 and sewage manholes Ø600.
Scope of supply: HDPE ZINPLAST spiral wound pipes and fittings, Ø800 - 132 m and Ø600 - 84m, HDPE sewage manholes Ø1200 - 2 pcs, connect pipes by extrusion welding and made by the Zinplast service group

11. Investment Vilnius. Lithuania. Construction of sewage rafinery plants.
Scope of supply: HDPE ZINPLAST spiral wound pipe Ø1500 - 12m and manholes ZINPLAST HDPE Ø1500 SN4 - 12pcs

12. Investment Zory. Сonstruction of Industrial and Warehouse premise SL POLAND Company
Scope of supply: sewage wells PEHD ZINPLAST Ø1000 PEHD – 132 pcs, 1 tank PEHD ZINPLAST with inner diameter 1,8m, length 21.4m produced from spiral wound PEHD pipe ZINPLAST Ø1800 placed on construction in segments and connected by service group Zinplast.

13. Investment Katowice. Construction of the collector DN1000

14. Investment Rzeszow.  Ground collector  DN 500

15. Investment Rzeszow. Repair of the road Rzeszów — Matysuwka


16. Investment Lublin. Tank DN 1800 V 50m3

17. Investment Przemyshl. Battery storage reservoirs 3x50m3.
Construction of McDonald's restaurants.